Braking & Filtration Parts

Quality of braking system parts is essential to any vehicle. Hence, we should always double-check the quality of Braking system parts. Brake Pads create a lot of friction with excessive heat in the process of stopping the vehicle.

Automobile technology has touched new peaks of innovation and evolved to the next level. For example, there are various types of braking systems are exist in the automobile industry.

Types Of Braking System:

  1. Hydraulic
  2. Electromagnetic System
  3. Servo Braking System
  4. Mechanical System

Also, two types of brakes exist in vehicles (i) Disc Brakes (ii) Drum Brakes.

Disc Brakes: The functionality of disc brakes is straightforward; its mechanism is to slow and stop the wheel's rotation. In this mechanism, the friction force is applied by the brake pads on the disc. Consequently, a certain amount of kinetic energy converts into heat energy and stops the wheel.

Drum Brakes: In this type of brake, a pair of shoes and brake pads create friction on the wheels. A drum-shaped part gets contacted with brake shoes or brake pads. The drum is placed between the pair of shoes or brake pads.

We should select the brake parts very carefully because they perform a very critical job in the vehicle. We sell high-quality brake parts on our online store and sell the world's best automotive parts brand.

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