Functioning Of Control Arm In The Car 28.Sep.2020

Functioning Of Control Arm In The Car

Here we are sharing some basic concepts related to the driving system of the car. Control Arm is one of the critical auto parts of the driving system. It controls the motion of the wheels and provides the direction to the vehicle. They connect directly to the brushings and suspension. Another function of this part is the permit the car to go up and down. The count of control arms depends upon the model and category of the vehicles. It can be two to four according to the type of suspension, whether it is struts or shock. The set of these parts provides the synchronization between wheels and steering. Wishbone shaped, with bushings on the inside and ball joint on the outside.


Types Of Control Arms in Automobile

There are precisely two types of control arms—both connected with upper and lower ball joints.

  1. Upper Control Arm
  2. Lower Control Arm

Malfunctioning of Control Arms

  • Whenever car passes through the uneven roads and some popping sound is coming then it might be affecting control arms.
  • If you are having steering wheel problems and rough steering control, it also causes the control arm damage.
  • When shock absorbers got damaged or not functioning correctly, then continuous hitting creates damage in control arms.
  • Dented tire wear also causes the braking system. Due to the rough braking system, it comes directly on the control arms.

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